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Tumblr is a well-known mild website social media platform where users can post text, photos, quotes, links, audio, videos, and more. When you browse Tumblr, you could realize that there are lots of great videos and fantastic songs, and wonder just how you can store them to your mobile or computer for further viewing or listening. However, unlike conventional video sites, Tumblr doesn’t encourage users to download audio or video and video out of here. If you haven’t found a suitable method yet, then you are in the right place. Here, we will introduce six distinct ways to help you immediately download videos from Tumblr.
Method 1.
Method 2. Download Tumblr Video Online
Method 3. Conserve Tumblr Video on Android
Strategy 4. Save Tumblr Video on iPhone
Procedure 5. Download Tumblr Video via Chrome
Strategy 6. Download Tumblr Video through Extension
Method 1. Download Tumblr Video on PC
The first and best way to save Tumblr audio and video is to use the Free 4K Video Downloader. This is a full-featured movie download program for PC & Mac. In addition, it has built in video conversion and video editing capabilities, letting you convert video into MP4, MPV, AVI, MKV, along with other formats, harvest and reduce video, as well as add subtitles, filters, watermarks, etc., to your movies. Now let us take a look at how to download Tumblr movies and audios on this free video download application: First, download the 4K video downloader out of Jihosoft’s official site and then install it on your PC. This program is very secure and doesn’t carry any ads or viruses. You may use it with confidence.
Measure 2. After installation, run the Tumblr video downloader, you then will see an attractive and intuitive interface. At the top left of this software, there is a notable paste URL button.
Step 3. Then visit the Tumblr website and replicate one or more hyperlinks to the videos you would like to download. Then return to the software interface and then click on the”+ Paste URL(s)” button.
Measure 4. The program will start to examine the movie connection. After identifying and parsing, a pop-up box will appear, from where you are able to set your favorite video quality. Just click the Download button, then the Tumblr video will be stored to your computer in a few minutes.
Step 5. You may watch the movie directly by clicking on the play icon on the right side of the movie.
Method 2.
If you would like to quickly download your favorite Tumblr movies but don’t want to set up some other third party applications, then using the internet Tumblr movie downloader is a workable solution. But, because of those sites are free, there are often filled with a great deal of ads. Some sites even take viruses and steal private information. So we do not recommend users to utilize. If You want, here are the simple steps to conserve the Tumblr movie on the internet:
Measure 1. Locate a movie post on Tumblr, tap on the share icon below, then click Copy Link.
Measure 2. Visit the internet Tumblr video download website on your Chrome or Firefox browser, and then paste your URL into the blank box.
Step 3. Then choose to get the Tumblr video as MP4 or MP4 HD format. After converting, right-click on the green button and select to save connection to your computer.
Method 3. Conserve Tumblr Video on Android
For Android users, downloading Tumblr movies and audio is a very simple thing, because there are lots of tumbler video download programs offered from the Google Store, of which the Timbloader is the most recommended. Developed for Tumblr users, this application lets you download videos, audio, and photos from Tumblr at top quality. So whenever you have to store Tumblr videos on Android, provide Timbloader a try! Listed below are the specific steps of its use:
Measure 1.
Step 2. After that, start the Tumblr program on your phone, hunt for the movie which you want to download. Click the share/send button below the media content (photo/video/audio).
Measure 3. Then select Timbloader among the list and await the video to be downloaded.
Method 4.
Since you have learned how to download Tumblr videos on your own Android device, now it turns out to iOS devices. Contrary to the Android platform, there are not many Tumblr video download applications in the App Store. Fortunately, there are still a few of apps that have lived, also Tyblr is one of them. By using this tool, you can download photos and videos out of Tumblr to your iPhone with no effort. Next, I’ll show you how it works:
Measure 1. Download and install the Tyblr movie downloader from the App Store.
Step 2. Log into your Tumblr account and scroll through your feed. Then click the Save button at the lower right corner of every post to begin downloading your favorite Tumblr videos.
Step 3. After the movie is downloaded, you’ll find it in your Camera Roll.
Procedure 5. Download Tumblr Video through Chrome
Are you aware you may easily rescue Tumblr videos without the help of any software or online sites? It’s true, you don’t need to be questionable. This is a trick that lots of professionals are utilized to. What is more, this method is also acceptable for downloading Instagram videos.
Measure 1. Go to the Tumblr site and find the video that is desired.
Measure 2. Right-click on the video and select Inspect in the list.
Measure 3. Press the”Control+F” key at precisely the exact same time on the keyboard to call up the search box.
Measure https://thedownvideo.com/tumblr-video-downloader . Sort”movie / mp4″ from the search box and then press”Enter”. Then you will find that the source link of the Tumblr movie is in the highlighted area, starting with”https://”.
Measure 5. The movie will start playing. It is possible to right-click and choose”Save movie as…” to download the movie to your computer.
Strategy 6. Download Tumblr Video via Extension Using it, you may download a wide assortment of videos from different websites. The tool Is Quite easy to use, read on to check out the full steps:
Measure 1. Download and install the Tumblr video downloader extension in your browser.

Step 2. Search for a movie you’d like to download in Tumblr, then right-click on it.
Step 3. Select the Video DownloaderHelper option from the menu, and also place the video formats to store the Tumblr video. We recommend that you check out each of the Tumblr video downloading programs we have listed here and try them out, as one of them may be the app you’re searching for.

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