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Anki Vector saved by Digital Dream Labs


I was keeping an eye on this Robot, trying to tick off some offers, given the rather high price. Then in April 2019, Anki, the manufacturer, went bankrupt, leaving the owners of the robots sold, in anguish and dismay. In fact, in addition to being a splendid example of AI applied to robotics, Anki Vector does not live a life of its own. Many of his abilities to interact with his surroundings depend on the connection with the cloud server.

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No more Anki, no more servers and Vector becomes a paperweight. Not immediately at least, because the robot development team has been handling the support so far. Significant gesture, but you know, it could not have gone on much, and for the cute Robot the end was approaching.

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Meanwhile, the price of Vector on Amazon continued to decline. From € 299 it dropped to around € 95 in a couple of months.

Then, the good news. A Pittsburgh-based company, Digital Dream Labs, publicly declares that it wants to take over all Anki’s resources dedicated to Vector and want to continue managing and developing the platform.

From the textual words of Jacob Hanchar, CEO of Digital Dream Labs, it is the will of the incoming company, to make Vector as independent as possible from third-party cloud servers and to provide an open-source development kit to allow the user to be able to program it from only.

Digital Dream Labs announces that it will soon start with a Kickstarter project to support the development of Vector. We are only at the beginning, says Jacob Hanchar, there may be changes along the way. Still, one thing is sure: Vector is no longer destined for digital death and cybernetic oblivion.

However, it is not yet clear whether the new company will resume production of Vector or if it will only manage the maintenance and development of the copies in circulation.

It will be a coincidence, but after this news has spread, the price of the Robot has started to rise again.

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