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I12 TWS Earphones Review


I12 TWS Earphones Review

Undoubtedly, wearing a pair of Bluetooth headsets, as well as out of necessity, is now fashionable. All the more so if the earphones we wear are practically indistinguishable from Apple’s Airpods. I’m talking about the I12 TWS earphones.

I12 TWS earphones, not all the same

There are many Airpods clones with the name I12 TWS, but they are not all the same, and above all, they have a rather fluctuating quality.

I12 TWS Earphones Review

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There are copies of the copies, all built-in China; the fake Airpods are depopulated on the Web, also because they can be purchased for amounts below $20.

Why exactly the i12 tws airpods earphones and not others? Having documented which copies of the Airpods worked best, two models came out: the I10 TWS, which I immediately rejected, for the little Chinese price, sometimes above 40 € and the I12 TWS. As it would seem from the acronym, the I12 TWS are not an evolution of the I10, but a model in itself.

I12 TWS Earphones Review

Materials, appearance and wearability
The I12 TWS earphones arrive in a blue box that looks pretty good.

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Inside, the earphones in their charging case, a lightning charging cable (like Airpods) and a skimpy instruction manual.

The materials, both of the case and the earphones are not bad, and the quality perceived to the touch is satisfactory.

The door of the case is easy to open but also closes very easily. The closure is magnetic and quite secure.

The first thing I don’t like is that to recharge the earphones, it is not enough to put them in the case. It is necessary to press the button on the back next to the connector. A soft blue light in transparency warns of the charging process.

Many lights

The earphones also have blue/red LEDs in transparency to show their BT pairing status. Fortunately, once the connection has been made, the lights cease.

The charging of the case, via lightning cable, is highlighted by the usual red led in transparency. It was flashing, during the charging phase, steady when the charge is finished.

I note that all the aforementioned luminous warnings are visible only in the presence of low light and indoor environments. Outside in daylight, absolutely nothing will be seen.

Comfortable and stable
The I12 TWS earphones are comfortable to wear. Like the Airpods, they do not press on the auricle, they are stable even when doing sports and isolate little from external noise.

As soon as they are removed from the case, the I12 TWS headsets turn on and connect, all confirmed by voice prompts in English.

As usual, we will put the device to be paired in BT search and once found “I12” you’re done.

Touch functions
The I12 TWS earphones, like most fake Airpods, have touch controls to answer/end a call, adjust the volume and send audio tracks back and forth.

The controls are not very precise, and above all, if you are on the move, it is advisable to use the smartphone controls.

How do they feel?
Audio, listening to music is sufficient. Bass is almost completely absent, but for occasional use, gym or running can go. In the case of video, latency in audio is noticeable despite Bluetooth 5.0.

On-call, the correspondent complains of a slightly metallic voice with a hands-free effect. Like almost all headphones of this type, in noisy environments, the situation worsens considerably.

I12 TWS Earphones Review

We come to the defects of the I12 TWS earphones.
Unfortunately, these headsets are not free from defects, even quite important ones, or, at least, it is for those I have on trial.

When you receive a call, you will hear a voice alert that will scan the caller’s number, after which you will hear the typical ringing tone, as if we were forwarding the call to you.

No cell phone ringtone and not even a ringtone of earphones very confusing.

Other (serious) defect. Once stored in the case, the earphones remain connected to the smartphone. To disconnect them, they should be turned off manually using the touch controls, or once stored in the case, activating the recharge function.

This flaw annoyed me. I have not understood if it is a defect of my earphones or a crazy design choice.

In conclusion, I advise against the I12 TWS earphones. Spending very little more, there are earphones like the recently tested Taotronics that in addition to feeling better, are more reliable.

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