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Pressure washer – Buying advice, Ranking and Reviews

Pressure washer - Buying advice, Ranking and Reviews
The pressure washer is a device that does not necessarily have to be used only to clean vehicles or walls and paths but can also be used at home for the management of floors. If you, too, are looking for one of these appliances but don’t know which offer might be the most interesting, you can take a look at our reviews. Among the most popular products, Annovi Reverberi 471 AR 160 Bar 480 liters/hour 2100W pressure washer stand out, very interesting not only for its low cost but above all for the hydro jet power washer reviews and accessories included in the package that allows you to start using the device immediately. Following instead, we have the Karcher K5, a towing machine which is also super-equipped but which requires a higher investment, therefore designed for those who prefer something professional.
Buying Guide – How to choose the best pressure washer?
If you need to clean large outdoor surfaces, the external walls of the house, the driveway, or the car body, an interesting solution is represented by the pressure washer, which is an appliance that uses a powerful jet of water to remove dirt and encrustations.
On the market, you can find models of all shapes, prices, and sizes, and that is why we have written a buying guide that will help you navigate the various proposals. We have, in fact, highlighted the fundamental aspects to take into account before buying a pressure washer.
Flow and pressure
The best brands of pressure washers offer different models that are suitable to be used for cleaning more or less large surfaces. Let’s say that in principle, there are two factors to consider: the flow rate and the pressure that offer a measure of the power of the model.
The flow rate is expressed in liters per hour and indicates the amount of water that the device is able to manage during this time, i.e., how much water is pushed by the lance thanks to the pressure generated by the motor (which typically has a variable power between 1.3 and 3 kilowatts).
Therefore, consider purchasing an appliance capable of offering a value of at least 350 l / h, which is more than enough to meet infrequent use and for surfaces that are not particularly large. If, on the other hand, you need to clean larger surfaces, perhaps with higher frequencies, our advice is to opt for a pressure washer with a flow rate of 450 liters per hour.
By comparing the prices of the models on sale, you will notice that the differences are often also linked to another value, that of pressure (measured in bars). In practice, it refers to the force with which the water comes out of the lance and can vary from a minimum of 100 bar, for the smaller models dedicated to limited processing, to a maximum of 500 bar, for semi-professional uses.
Materials and handling
Depending on the type of use and the freedom of action you need, you will have to go for a more or less bulky model of a pressure washer, especially as regards the weight of the machine body and the length of the lance.
A quality product, designed to last over time, boasts a pump unit made with materials capable of resisting the corrosive action of water, such as stainless steel. The latter can also be used for pistons, which, alternatively, can be made of brass or aluminum.
If you often have to treat particularly difficult surfaces, which have oil or grease stains, at the top of the list of your desires, there should be a model capable of expelling hot water.
Accessories for all tastes
The type of surface to be cleaned also determines the type of accessory you will need because, for example, treating the bodywork of a car is profoundly different from removing dirt from tiles or a floor.
An assessment that you absolutely must make, therefore, is to establish how often you will find yourself cleaning different surfaces. In this case, in fact, you will have to choose a pressure washer equipped with a good number of accessories. Otherwise, you can save something and opt for one with basic equipment. Our advice is to buy one that still has a series of options that can be purchased separately, in case you need to want to expand its versatility.
Our reviews can help you understand the peculiarities of the various models and help you identify the one that best suits your needs. A mini air compressor could also find a place in your garage, often used in cars or for small jobs: if you think you might need it, find out which models are the most popular online.
The 7 Best Pressure Washers – Ranking 2020
Whether it is washing the exterior of the house or the car, the pressure washer is an appliance that is second to none. The different models have very different characteristics and intended uses, so the right choice is very important. Trust our buying advice: they are the result of the comparison of many products, brands, and offers.
1. Annovi Reverberi 471 AR pressure washer 160 Bar 480 liters/hour 2100W
main advantage
The low price and the power offered by the device are remarkable details that could convince you to buy. Also excellent is the equipment that includes everything you need to start cleaning different surfaces right away.
Main disadvantage
Pressure washers are not usually properly silent appliances, but in the case of the one proposed by Annovi Reverberi, we are faced with a product that makes you hear all the decibels emitted. Therefore to be used only during times when there is no risk of annoying neighbors.
Verdict 9.8 / 10
The quality/price ratio is excellent, and if you don’t mind a little noise or the slightly dated design of the product, then you may have found the right pressure washer for you.
Powerful pressure washer
The Annovi Reverberi 471 AR pressure washer is one of the best performings on the market thanks to its absorbed power of 2,100 watts, able to guarantee a constant water flow of 480 liters per hour. As regards the outlet water pressure, it stands at 160 bar, more than enough for the removal of dirt, mud, and any type of stubborn dirt from various surfaces.
Users who have had the opportunity to test it underlines that this is perhaps the most evident value of the device, as well as, of course, a low price if we take into account the cost of the devices offered by other equally famous brands. We must, therefore, take into account that we are not talking about a professional product and that the jet may not be adequate to act on the most stubborn dirt, but, in general, there is satisfaction on the part of those who have had the opportunity to try it.
Equipment and assembly
In the package there is everything you need to start your cleaning activities immediately, you will, therefore, find the gun, the adjustable jet lance, a rotating jet lance, foam kit with half-liter tank and 6-meter PVC hose that can be connected to the machine body when you need to store the appliance.
Even the assembly is very simple and immediate and does not require any specific knowledge on the subject. Furthermore, for those who have never used a pressure washer, it will be necessary to follow the few instructions in the attached manual.
Simple to carry
Although the design of the device is not the most attractive, in fact, it recalls an appliance of the 90s, the ease of use is certainly high, thanks above all to the presence of two wheels in the lower part and a handle in the upper one to move it easily in any place you want.
You can, therefore, use the pressure washer at home, to make the floors shine again, or even in the garage to clean your car, a motorcycle, or even a bicycle. Particularly interesting results have been found with the use of walls that have developed moss over time, completely changing the color of the surface after a vigorous pass with the spear, even at a distance of about two meters.
For the safety of users, there are also remote stop systems, the thermal motor protection, and the water filter that can be inspected to ensure that it is always clean and efficient. The only detail that might annoy some buyers is the noise of the device, which is very high.
2. Kärcher Cold Water Pressure Washer, 2100 W
If Italians are masters of domestic cleaning (our homes are among the cleanest in Europe), the same cannot be said for the exteriors, often poorly maintained and clean not so much for lack of commitment, but for the use of tools unsuitable for the purpose. For the stubborn dirt of gardens, courtyards, external walls, in fact, the idea is to use a pressure washer. The palm of the best pressure washer of 2020, in our opinion, goes to this model by Karcher, particularly suitable for cleaning vehicles, not only cars but also trucks and campers.
It is equipped with a very powerful motor (230 volts, 2300 watts), which is cooled by the same water used for cleaning, and with two lances designed for different uses. Be careful to adjust the power well because the jet of water can be so strong that it can strip the tiles and damage the bodywork of a car.
3. Skil F0150761Aa Pressure washer
This pressure washer proposed by Bosch is delightfully compact for small garden maintenance jobs. It is a compact object that takes up so little space as to be feared for its effective cleaning capacity, yet the technical characteristics respond well to the care needs of not excessively large areas or for non-professional use.
The power cable is combined with a spear capable of covering a range of 11 meters, a good margin to cover the entire surface of a medium-sized garden around the house. The weight is low and does not exceed 5 kilos, but it is the technical characteristics that make the Skil pressure washer a real ally for speeding up outdoor work.
The maximum pressure settles at 105 bar, the presence of an aluminum pump helps to make the tool longer, but in general, the attention to detail and choice of materials is rewarded by buyers who continue to prefer it to other models. It can heat the water up to 50 ° and has the ability to hook the tank with the cleaning detergent for deeper cleaning.
There are more advantages than disadvantages brought by the model proposed by Bosch for home use, let’s see briefly the list of pros and cons along with the suggestion on where to buy it at really low prices.
4. Kärcher K 5 Full Control Home pressure washer
The K5 is a pressure washer that, while not professional, has several arrows in its bow. The first of these is undoubtedly its versatility due to the possibility of regulating the pressure between 20 and 145 bar combined with the many accessories available and the flow rate of 500 l / h.
In particular, we liked the surface cleaner, which works well both horizontally and vertically, even with the help of the detergent distributed through the Plug n ‘Clean system. Our initial enthusiasm has cooled a bit with the materials which, in our opinion, are not up to the situation and above all, the very high price requested for the purchase.
Moving the pressure washer from one corner of your terrace, garage, or whatever it is to another does not require effort as there are two wheels at the base that facilitate the operation.
5. Labor Raptor 21 8.065.0616 Cold Water Pressure Washer
If you have already had good experiences with this brand and are wondering which Lavor pressure washer is the best, here is our answer. This model is, in fact, extremely versatile, being equipped with a discreet power that allows you to act on many different surfaces without damaging them and cleaning them well. Compared to other more powerful models, it could take a few more minutes to clean a particularly dirty terrace, but the final result will still be appreciable.
The attachments for Lavor accessories are universal, and you can also take advantage of those of other brands. Supplied you will find a standard lance and a 220 bar hose lance, suitable for most purposes.
One of the strengths most appreciated by users is the excellent water and electricity saving system, which significantly reduces the costs of use. This pressure washer, therefore, thanks also to the rather low basic cost, which can boast an excellent quality/price ratio.
In second place in our ranking is the Lavor Raptor pressure washer thanks to the advantages it has and which we briefly summarize here together with a small defect that was found.
6. But lead gasoline pressure washer GSH01A 220 Bar 590 l / h
We are sure that, like us, many of our readers will be amazed by the price of the pressure washer, which turns out to be cheaper than others entirely built-in plastic and without an internal combustion engine. In short, here we are in the presence of the classic good quality/price ratio. We mentioned the engine; this is 4-stroke, petrol-powered, and with a displacement of 196 ccs, a bit noisy in truth. The starting system is by cable, not the most convenient solution, but it must be said that the pressure washer starts immediately, then it is clear that you have to do the classic maintenance for internal combustion engines. There are four nozzles for as many pressure levels that reach up to 220 bar while the flow is 590 l / h. There is also a tank for the detergent. The pressure washer is heavy to lift, but in any case, it moves thanks to the two large wheels easily. The user manual is not very clear.
7. Comet Trapper 130 Gold pressure washer
Among the best pressure washers sold online, we have decided to include in the last position a model that works with heated water. We consider this Comet model the best hot water pressure washer of the year because it offers excellent performance and many different washing options at a rather low price.
Equipped with wheels that allow easy movement despite its great weight (55 kg), it works with both cold and hot water. The latter can reach a maximum temperature of 90 degrees. If the cold water spray already has a pressure that eliminates most of the stains (maximum 130 Bar), in hot water mode, the effect is even more evident and disinfectant.
The machine is supplied with various useful accessories, such as the fixed jet lance and the foam lance. Suitable for those who want to work thoroughly on resistant surfaces and can easily move the machine on a path thanks to the wheels.
It certainly does not stand out for its low prices, but the Comet Trapper pressure washer from Hobbystore can boast not indifferent qualities. Here is a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the product.
Bosch Home and Garden 06008A7600 QAT 33-11 Pressure washer
The beauty of this pressure washer is undoubtedly its extreme compactness. It looks like a briefcase, and with equal ease, it is possible to carry it with you where it is needed and to extricate yourself even in the most difficult cleaning. Despite the low profile, the machine does its job very well, it is ideal for cleaning medium / large surfaces, its compact structure allows it to reach any place quickly and without obstacles.
The engine hydro jet power washer of 1.3 kW, together with the remarkable pressure of 110 bar, places it in the range of tools suitable for housework but with that extra gear able to simplify even the most tedious tasks. The pressure reached allows a supply of 330 liters of water per hour, which reaches a maximum of 40 ° C to also add the action of heat and improve cleaning efficiency.
In short, an ideal solution for those looking for a reasonably priced product that is highly appreciated by many users.
How to use a pressure washer
There are cleanings that require a lot of energy. Imagine the floor of a garage, certainly greased with engine oil and who knows what other crap, or the car body. For such tasks, there is nothing better than a pressure washer, which, thanks to the pressure of the water, sweeps away all the dirt, even the most resistant.
The pressure, the flow and the motor
Among the most important aspects of a pressure washer are flow rate and pressure. The flow rate is expressed in liters per hour while the pressure is in bars. Now, the choice of the range must also be made based on the use of the device. If such use is sporadic, a flow rate of 350 liters per hour may be sufficient for the purpose. As for the pressure, 20 bar can be fine if the pressure washer is intended for domestic use. As for the engine power, 1,400 or 1,500 watts should be more than enough, again for home use.
The accessories
A pressure washer is not just a matter of pressure and flow. To get the job done right, you need the right accessories. This is why the equipment is very important, and each must be used in the correct way in order to have the desired results.
Pay attention to delicate surfaces.
The pressure washer should be used with caution in the sense that you must be careful not to damage, for example, the paint of the object you want to clean. In this case, it is good not to overdo the water pressure.
The right kit
Earlier, we mentioned the importance of accessories. Each pressure washer is more or less suitable for certain areas. In addition to the power of the engine, the flow rate and the pressure, it is necessary to evaluate whether the pressure washer is suitable for the home or perhaps for a car wash. The supplied kits give us a hand to understand it. For example, if we read the words “Home Kit” next to the model name, it is obvious that the pressure washer will be suitable for domestic use, which does not exclude that it can also work great for cleaning the famous garage floor.
Often these kits, in addition to accessories, also include a specific soap, recommended by the manufacturer of the pressure washer for better results. Furthermore, these detergents, once exhausted, can be readily available from authorized dealers.
The quality of the materials
The materials are very important, starting with those used to make the accessories. It must be borne in mind, in fact, that a lance must withstand considerable pressure. If made with bad plastic, it won’t take long to break and become useless.

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